Family Tzedakah צְדָקָה Projects

Shalom Everyone,
This time around, for Noam’s Bar Mitzvah, we have chosen two projects to fundraise for.

1) This summer, we had a very meaningful visit with Moy Sutherland, an Indigenous artist from Vancouver Island. We were inspired by his latest project, and wanted to contribute.

2) We have been working with WE Villages since 2007, in Kenya, Ecuador, and now India. We just returned from a trip to Kalinjar, India and worked on the classroom build site.

Information about both projects are on this page, as well as information on how to donate. Instead of gifts, we are hoping you will consider donating to one or both of these worthy projects.

1.The Kyuquot Big House:

Moy Sutherland, a very talented Indigenous Artist, told us of a special project he has been working on, to revitalize his community, on their ancestral lands. The summer village at Aktis Island was the heart of the Ka:’yu:’k’t’h’/Che:k’tles7et’h’ territories. Rows of buildings, including 24 bighouses, created a vibrant community that flourished over millennia. In the 1930s the Canadian government forcibly removed the people from their homes and burned their houses to the ground, along with their cultural possessions and way of life. Their plan is to rebuild a new bighouse, as a new Cultural Centre, and the centrepiece of the revitalization of their community. We hope you will consider donating to this amazing project. the “Donate button is in the top right hand corner. Please mention Noam’s Bar Mitzvah in the notes when you donate, so we can keep track and see if we reach our fundraising goals.

2. A classroom in Kalinjar India – built by WE Villages

This winter break we were fortunate to have the opportunity to visit Kalinjar, in Rajasthan, India, and work on the build site for their new classrooms. We were lucky to be there for the ribbon cutting ceremony for these two new classrooms. It was amazing to see the faces of the children as they entered the classrooms for the first time. WE Villages is doing amazing work all around the world. This was our third trip as a family to one of the WE Villages projects.