Bar Mitzvah Video Links

Shalom Everyone!

I will be gradually adding the bar mitzvah youtube links here for all 4 boys. We will start with Teva’s as it is the most recent.

Teva’s outdoor bar mitzvah service – July 23rd 2022 – Photo Credit: Carrie Cockburn

Teva’s Bar Mitzvah Links:

Teva’s “What is a Bar Mitzvah?” Highlight Reel

Teva’s Service Livestream recording – Torah Reading first Aliyah starts at 39:23 , Haftarah at 54:55.

STILL TO COME: Actual recording rather than the livestream, plus Teva’s D’var Torah and Koren’s Song that she wrote for Teva.

Songs Koren wrote for the Boys:

Erez’s song:

Zev’s song:

STILL TO COME: Noam and Teva’s songs

What is a Bar mitzvah Videos: coming soon