BC Adventure post #1

Departure date:

August 5, 2018

Our trip was planned on account of the wedding of my first cousin AJ, to the love of his life, Danielle. It seemed to be the perfect excuse to take a trip to explore parts of BC. We spent two magical weeks there. We started off with 3 days in Vancouver, seeing amazing sights, eating great food, and as a bonus, got to connect with an old elementary school friend.
There were so many highlights, including a great hike in Lynn Canyon Park (complete with cliff jumping by the boys even though EVERY sign we saw advised against it),

and two thirds of our family completing the Grouse Grind. 

Another highlight was my visit to the Eagle Spirit Gallery on Granville Island. Aubrey and the boys hung out in a green space by the water. Aubrey closed his eyes for a short rest on the grass/dirt in the shade, while the boys played with their new fabric mini-disc and the card game I had bought for them at one of the many toy stores in the kids’ market. 

You have to be buzzed into the gallery. It was so quiet inside, it felt like a sacred space of sorts. As I walked around, I couldn’t even speak. I was a little overwhelmed. There were so many exquisite pieces that spoke to me. Everything was so interesting and beautiful. I ended up chatting with one of the employees about some of the artists’ work, getting some background on some of the pieces I liked the most. Then, I went back to my family, woke Aubrey up, and invited him to look around the gallery. There was one piece in particular which really moved me, but I did not want to influence him in any way. He walked around, and sure enough, he was drawn to some of the same pieces that I was. One in particular stood out for both of us, but it was only our first day, so we got all of the information regarding the price and shipping, and then let it percolate. the piece was called “Three Hummingbirds” by Moy Sutherland. ( Note: this piece is 3 ft in diameter)

I wish we had more time in Vancouver, there was so much to see and do, and I missed connecting with another elementary school friend.

I do not intend to write about all of our travels, but would love to share a few choice stories which I would like to document and remember.

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