Erez’s Thoughts on Amsterdam

Erez’s Thoughts on Amsterdam

        The past few days we have been in Amsterdam before we set off to Kenya. We are staying in a little apartment that has a main floor and a loft. Zev, Noam and I sleep up in the loft. Michelle sleeps in the living room. Teva sleeps in the little room off of the bedroom with a queen sized bed where my parents sleep. It really is very very exciting to live here.

The stairs going up to our loft are VERY steep, there is a light that has a motion detector that turns on when you get close up in the hallway up in the loft and there is an amazing view of the city out the windows. At night if you look out my window you can see a little tower that is lit up, it’s really cool because it sort of glows.

The streets are also different. There is a sidewalk in between lanes with bus stations every once and awhile. Also there is a designated bike road in between the sidewalk and the street! Did you know that there are over 600 000 bikes in Amsterdam at any given time!!!!!!!!!!! Wow that’s a lot of bikes.

There is one Park called Vondelpark right next to our apartment.  It is huge. It feels like it goes on forever!!!! Another fact is that 90 % of all people in Amsterdam visit Vondelpark at least once every year!!! Amsterdam’s people are soooooooooo active, it’s crazy. Our flight was an hour early so we had to kill time because the people who were cleaning the apartment weren’t expecting us till 10:30. So, we took a walk in the Park. At 9:00 the Park was flooded with people exercising!!!!!!!

Amsterdam has over one hundred kilometers of canals. We took a 75 minute canal cruise and we learned a lot about the canals. Did you know Amsterdam is named after its only natural canal! The name comes from the fact that the city was started on the Dam on the Amstel River. All of the three other main canals were dug in the 1700’s.

We also went to the Van Gogh museum, the Anne Frank House and the Rijks Museum. They were all super cool and interesting. The Van Gogh museum was really interesting but you can’t look at art for more than 3 hours so we went to a fancy noodle house for supper. The Anne Frank House was really educational and I learned so much more about Anne. The Rijks Museum was really cool because it had rooms and rooms full of stuff that was 500 years old!!! The paintings were amazingly huge! I had no idea how anyone could have painted that well and had the patience to paint a picture forty feet wide and twenty feet tall!!!!!!! Did you know all of Amsterdam is below sea level! Wow what an amazing place!

Tomorrow we leave for the airport and fly to KENYA!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited.

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