Karibu to Kenya!

March 5th

Jambo from Kenya!

Just a quick post to let you know we arrived safely.  Our flight was uneventful.  Some boys were quite cranky when we arrived, but that was to be expected.  There were a few wrinkles in the airport, but all was fine. Me to We took very good care of us.  We are arrived at an absolutely beautiful accommodation here at the Karen Blixen Coffee Garden. It was pitch dark when we arrived, and I didn’t appreciate just how beautiful it was until I watched the sunrise this morning.  This will probably be our last day with Wifi for two weeks, but I will try to post some photos later on today after we see the Giraffes and elephants up close 🙂

The only remarkable thing to mention is that in the first 10 minutes we were here in the cottage, we saw a huge slug, a tiny baby gecko clinging to the inside of Maxine and Michelle’s bed net, a tiny hairy spider on our bed net, and tw other impressive looking insects!   I am very happy to be wearing sandals 🙂 Karibu to Africa!

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Here are a couple of photos from my sunrise walk



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