Giraffes and Elephants up close…

March 5

I am too tired to write my intended blogpost, and we have to get up before 6am to catch our flight to go on a 4 day safari.  I decided to compromise and post you a few photos, the text will come later.  I am not sure if we will be able to get online for the next two weeks, but maybe these photos will hold you until then.  First we went to the AFEW Giraffe Centre where we had a close encounter with Daisy, – an absolutely stunning six-year-old Giraffe.

Noam feeding giraffe Zev feeding giraffe Michelle Erez feeding Giraffe Daisy1 Daisy2 Camera download 248


Next we went to the David Sheldrick  Elephant Orphanage and spent a full hour watching them eat, play and take mud baths.  The cuteness was overwhelming.Very sad that they were all orphans though. Mostly as a result of Ivory poaching.  The have a website – check it out:  Here are a few photos:

Camera download 274group of babies elephantmudbath elephantCamera download 321Camera download 279 Camera download 270


Elephant drinking 2


Hilarious Teva Quote of the Day ( said to our server at dinner):

T: Do you have any honey?

Server:  Yes, do you want some honey?

T: Yes, I need to use it to take my malaria pill.

Ok possibly signing off for two weeks…Enjoy!

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